traditional casket interments


Cremation Interments

Monument Graves 
Cremated remains may be interred in either a traditional casket-sized grave, or in the smaller graves located in the Cremation Section. Both traditional casket-sized graves and graves in the Cremation Section may accomadate up to 2 Cremation Interments.

Monument graves provide highly visual places of burial characterized by the placement of an upright granite monument at the head of the grave. Monument graves are a popular choice in the Winnipeg area, as monuments, unlike bronze plaques, are easy to locate throughout the year- even during the winter season. Monuments may be erected spanning a single or companion graves and all monuments in the currently available areas, rest on continuous concrete foundations, minimizing the destructive heaving effects caused from the winter ground freeze/thaw cycle.

Holy Family Cemetery, through its Memorial Permit System, ensures that every memorial erected becomes a visible sign to all who visit the cemetery grounds of your love and your faith in the promise of Eternal Life. Holy Family Cemetery also provides professional Monument Engraving and Refurbishing services, with unmatched turn-around times of completion.

For reasons of safety and reducing maintenance costs, all in-ground burials (both traditional casket and cremation) require the usage of an approved concrete outer burial container (liner or vault). Holy Family Cemetery offers a wide selection of approved concrete burial liners and vaults at prices significantly lower than most funeral homes. All profits from the sales of monument services and burial vaults are directly re-invested in the cemetery.

Columbarium Niches
Holy Family Cemetery also accomodates those individuals wishing their cremated remains be interred in an above ground columbarium niche. Our custom all-granite construction of the columbarium ensures solid stuctural integrity over time. European-crafted Porcelain and Stanless Steel Accessories accentuate the timeless beauty of the columbarium.

Both Companion (2 sizes) and individual niche plates are available. All niche plates are black granite are are engraved in to conform to establed templates, ensuring that the beauty of uniformity is maintained thorughout.

Holy Family Cemetery also offers a selection of Granite and Metal Urns available for purchase at prices significantly lower than funeral homes.